petit tattoo, swaying under layer of white between beats of the shakuhachi...

Saturday, September 25, 2004

the duality of reality

at times, it's the language that makes me feel i can express myself more widely and freely, to like myself for who i am, and to be an active, attractive, assertive, amorous and aspiring member of the human race.

at other times, it feels clunky and rigid like rusty tin, and so random, misdirected and irresponsible that i'm frightfully amazed at how many people use it as their primary source of understanding the world.

at times, it's the language that makes me feel that the mold it creates around me is much too tight for any living, sentient being, while the forms are so vague and roundabout even its native speakers don't know what's being said.

at other times, it's so deep i can spend eternity soul-searching in it, being as picky as i want about finding the perfect and precise and delicately flawless words to pour my heart into.